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Various fragrances to choose from. 

*Indicates seasonal scents


Custom Scents – requires a consultation.  Prices may increase slightly.



Body Butter

  • *Ambrosia – think of the dessert!  Aromatics of sweet pineapples and other fruits without being over-powering.

    Beautiful – this butter has an exotic, enticing scent of plumera, with mid notes of fresh florals, fruity berries, gardenia, jasmine, rose carnations and peach, and undertones of amber and musk.

    Pineapple Papaya Punch – a light, sweet fruity aroma of mangos, papaya, citrus, peach, pineapples and jasmine.

    Pomegranate Mango – a bold aroma of pomegranate, mangoes, jasmine, rose lilac, citrus and undertones of musk.  A delightful scent that others will smell even when you’re gone.

    Bare Essential (unscented) – the perfect body butter for those that have scent sensitivities, allergies or skin sensitivities.

    *Cinnabun – scent is reminiscent of the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls, with a dominant smell of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg with an undertone of vanilla.           

    Spiced Vanilla – a warm scent of vanilla with undertones of sweet spices

    Lavender & Citrus –soft, mild refreshing aromatics of lavender flowers with subtle citrus undertones.  You will think you’re in a lavender field!

    *Coconut Cream – Sweet creamy coconut aromatics, with subtle notes of buttery sugar and vanilla

    *White Tea & Ginger – a fresh, clean, spicy and citrusy scent

    *Pumpkin Delight - Think pumpkin pie baking in the oven.  Warm notes of pumpkin accompanied by all of the warm spices and rum; light fruity hints of apples and peaches, nutty notes of vanilla and woody musk undertones.

    White Tea & Pear – A zesty fragrance of tea, citrus, pears and apple blends, topped off with gard

    HIM – A light enticing scent that will make your man irresistible.  You will want to keep him close while wearing this scent!

    • Custom Scents – requires a consultation.  Prices may increase slightly.
  • All purchases are final. There will be no returns or refunds. 

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