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The benefits of masks help absorb oil, clean pores and tighten skin along with the benefits of the ingredients used in the powders.  The masks will have minimal amounts of essential and carrier oils added.  Apply after cleansing the face (and after exfoliating ); allow to completely dry before rinsing with warm water.  Recommended use is once a week (twice a week if excessively oily skin).


Face Mask (Powder)

  • Charcoal – charcoal has a slight smoky aroma.  It hydrates, brightens and purify the skin, good for acne.

    Tumeric – tumeric powder has a pungent, earthy and peppery aroma.  It is anti-inflammatory, helps minimize scarring, support acne reduction

    Matcha – matcha powder has a sweet and vegetal aroma.  Its anti-bacterial properties and supports reducing acne and skin inflammation, helps even powder skin tone and elasticity

    Aloe Vera – aloe vera powder has an earthy aroma.  Ithelps stimulate collagen, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, helps tighten skin, anti-bacterial

    Milk Thistle – milk thistle powder has a spicy and earthy scent.  It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties

    Flaxseed – flaxseed powder has a nutty and slightly toasty scent.  It helps tighten pores, Vitamin E, exfoliator, Omega 3, brighten skin

  • All purchases are final. There will be no returns or refunds. 

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