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Sometimes the hardest change to make is self-change, TMWL takes you on a daily journey of peeling back layers of hurt, pain, negativity, low self-confidence or whatever your stumbling blocks may be.

Love yourself enough to let the transformation begin!

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A Devotional on Healing, Pampering and Loving Yourself

Devotional on healing and pampering yourself

To Me With Love

My Story

Being transparent takes courage! 


My name is Judith A. Carter, and there are many obstacles I’ve had to overcome in life. I believe those obstacles have molded me into the person I am.  I have made the decision to transform my life one day at a time – eliminating toxic relationships and people; embracing my faith in God and positive energy. 


I have my Associates Degree in Psychology, Bachelors’ Degree in Alternative Medicine and my Masters’ Degree in Public Health Administration, with a Concentration in Functional Nutrition. 


A person’s overall health-mental, spiritual and physical – is my primary focus.  I believe if we are to thrive, we must be WHOLE! 

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Copyright © 2021 Judith A. Carter

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